A380 Aviationtags: Exclusive, High-Flying Collector Pieces

A380 Aviationtags: Exclusive, High-Flying Collector Pieces
A plane can take you with it, but you can’t take a plane with you. While that sounds confusing, technically, you can actually take a plane with you, or at least part of it.

Plane enthusiasts and collectors of all things plane-related will be happy to know that authentic A380 plane parts and other exclusives are available to collect. Get an aviationtag of Airbus A380, along with keychain tailfins, lanyards, and other one-of-a-kind accessories built from the plane itself. Check out more details in this feature.

A Piece of A380 History

The incredible life and history of this A380 airbus plane with registration number 9V-SKE involved collecting 44,887 mile-high hours and 5,572 return trip cycles during its lifetime career. This plane is the tenth of its series. It is considered the biggest and heaviest commercial airliner, with a rich and colorful career spanning many major countries and cities around the world.

Its retirement a few years ago was a fitting end for its years of great service, but its career doesn’t end in a lonely plane warehouse somewhere. It continues to live through exclusive pieces created with great designs straight from its skins and fuselage parts. Now you get a chance to own an exclusive, beautifully designed piece that commemorates one of the mighty giant airliners of the sky in its heyday.

You can get a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 aviationtag complete with its registration and serial number as a great keepsake and accessory in one. Even better if you’ve taken a trip on this plane itself. You get to keep a piece of history that involves one of your memorable trips.

Other Exclusives

aviationtag aircraft skin collectibles range from Singapore Airlines, Czech Airlines, Olympic Airways, and other popular airliners and all in limited editions. Each unique piece carries its own mileage history and global performance, and you get to own these pieces as unique souvenir tags that you can carry around everywhere.

You can also get airline tailfins of single and bi-color variations and other color combinations from other great planes such as Small Planet a321 and the Fedex Airbus a310. You can also choose from other hot items such as vintage fuselage-sourced creations from Ilyushin IL-76, Tupolev Tilly 154, Antonov AN-12, and Antonov AN-26, all unique gifts for plane fans. Royal Airforce Icarus plane-inspired bracelets and other aircraft skin tag souvenirs are available, with the same collectibility factors.

Each piece is sourced directly from these memorable planes, and transformed into beautiful accessories not available anywhere else. No one piece is the same and all were created from the whole parts, so each random colorization, mark, and idiosyncrasy on these items are all different. They tell the life story and careers of some of the most popular and high-flying airliners in the world.

Own an exclusive, unique piece of aircraft history with these selections that are perfect gifts, souvenirs, and collector’s items.


Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an aircraft enthusiast, plane-related souvenirs are great collector’s items and accessories. You can take that a step further by owning an actual piece of it—an A380 airbus aviationtag taken directly from its aircraft skin. It’s not only a stylish accessory but also a great piece of aviation history from one of the biggest airliners that ruled the skies.

Part of a Plane provides you with that great experience in our unique exclusive pieces. Get an A380 aviationtag, tailfin keyrings, fuselage creations, and other items from our site. We also have other airliner souvenirs. Get your sky-high action on and check our products today!

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