An Overview On a Returning GIANT The Airbus A380 Jumbo Jet

An Overview On a Returning GIANT The Airbus A380 Jumbo Jet

Noted as the largest and heaviest airliner in the world, the Airbus A380 was initially revealed in June of 2008. The city-state of Singapore was the first to operate an A380 but would also be the first to retire this series. The A380 is a testament to the talent of creating quality aircrafts, which will soon make its return to the skies.

The A380’s Early Retirement and Comeback

Unfortunately, the threat of the pandemic led to a postponement of air travel for numerous nations. The global pandemic forced plenty of aircraft to stay inside hangars to avoid international transmission of COVID-19. However, the A380 will soon be back in service now that countries are slowly healing.

Although Singapore was the first to retire the A380’s for air travel, it will soon take back this decision by putting it back in the skies. With 12 of the 19 A380s set to fly in 2021 onwards, it’s a monumental step that signals the return of airlines in the coming years.

What exactly makes the Airbus A380 an amazing giant? Here are three facts you should know:

  1. A Project in Disguise

The Airbus A380 series is commonly pitted against the Boeing 747 for good reason. This is because there was a time when both companies potentially had a partnership in the past aimed at developing jumbo jet aircrafts. During 1993, the two companies studied the potential market size for large airplanes. It was an attempt to capitalize on the demand, but the joint venture fell off when Boeing started to build their own jumbo jet.

Seemingly in response to Boeing’s development, Airbus discreetly developed Project A3XX, which would soon be the A380. After the next two decades, Airbus saw the high demand for jumbo jets, building over 250 aircrafts by 2021. While it’s still far off from their initial target of 750 jumbo jets, it’s still an impressive feat to achieve.

  1. A Gentle Giant of the Skies

The Airbus A380 is a massive contender among jumbo jets in the same class. In fact, it’s the heaviest commercial aircraft currently in existence. Although its impressive size can be imposing, it’s actually the safest aircraft of its kind.

With over 2500 hours of flight testing done within 19 months, the A380 can run under extreme temperatures and conditions. The result? An impressive feat of passing every safety test, even with its massive size. This is a testament to Airbus’ development of a quality aircraft.

  1. An Astonishing Portfolio

Containing a typical three-class layout, the A380 can seat over 525 passengers. However, this can be extended to 853 with a single-class layout. This jumbo jet runs through four engines containing either Rolls-Royce Trent 900s or the Engine Alliance GP7000 turbofan engines. This gentle giant can fly for up to 15,025 miles at 1030 kmph, all in one full tank.


It’s a natural part of an aircraft’s lifespan to fall out of popularity due to the times eventually. However, it’s not too late for the A380 to make a steady comeback in the future. This year, its return to the skies is a sign that it will soon bring back the economy for air travel. Thankfully, you don’t have to be an actual passenger of the A380 to feel a part of its glory.

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