Carrying A Torch

Carrying A Torch

We were extremely pleased to announce the release of both magnets and tags cut from former Olympic Airways 747-200 SX-OAD, but let’s have a look a bit about the aircrafts history.

The 747-200 variant was introduced in 1971, and offered greater range, increased maximum take off weight, and more powerful engines. It was, understandably, a step up from the -100 variant.

SX-OAD, or rather MSN21684, was delivered in August 1979, however actually started life belonging to Singapore Airlines, registered as 9V-SQI. It was only until April 1985 that it fell into the hands of Olympic Airways.

The aircraft then flew up until 2002, whereby it was then retired and stored at Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire, but it’s life wasn’t quite at an end at the turn of the century.

SX-OAD also served as somewhat of an advertising piece. In 2006, supermarket chain Asda painted the aircraft in an Asda branded livery, primarily as something to astonish its staff during its Driver of the Year awards, and later for use in television commercials. At this point, the engines had been removed and the aircraft was given the “fake” registration of G-ASDA.

The former Olympian also found use as a gig venue in 2011 for Leicestershire based band Kasabian. Tickets were distributed via a ballot system, with the winners being told to meet in Leicester city centre where they were then bussed to Bruntingthorpe. The gig was used as a means to promote both their then upcoming album, as well as their impending UK tour.

After 18 years of lying dormant, the aircraft - with most of its interesting history being established whilst being stored, was finally disposed of, allowing Tailfins and ourselves the opportunity for you to purchase a piece of this rather interesting aircraft. Tailfins have manage to create 175 tags in this edition, making it the third largest tag release after G-CIVE and G-CIVM.

As well as tags, and in a bid to further expand the Tailfins product range, 40 magnets were also produced. This, alongside previous releases of cufflinks and coasters, means Tailfins’ products are suitable to an audience wider than those who simply collect tags.

Considering there are few examples of “classic” 747 variants being turned into memorabilia, it’s expected that this edition will sell out quickly, in both magnet and tag form, so if you’re after a piece, then we suggest getting your order in sooner rather than later.

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