Introducing Tailfins

Introducing Tailfins

You might have noticed that here at Part Of A Plane, we stock another brand apart from Aviationtag. We’re also very proud to represent a fledgling UK based brand - Tailfins. 

Tailfins started in August 2020, and after some encouragement towards the initial concept, premiered with a limited run of key rings cut from former British Airways B747-400 G-CIVG. 

The company started with quite wholesome intentions. The initial idea was to create memorabilia for collectors looking for something not mass produced, something more personal and made by a smaller company compared to the larger, more established tag manufacturers. 

Ant, the founder of Tailfins, has a number of friends who were pilots and cabin crew that have since been furloughed, and the release of key rings made from their former workhorses means so much to them, which in turn means so much to Ant. It’s that personal connection Tailfins wishes to continue to establish. 

Whilst release quantities aren’t as large as the more mainstream companies (not that that’s a bad thing), every effort is made to use as much of the source material as possible, whether that’s keychains, coasters or even cufflinks. Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds gained from each edition is also donated to charity, meaning that something as simple as purchasing some aircraft memorabilia will benefit worthy causes. 

Here at Part Of A Plane, we fully support Ant’s mission and wish him every success for the future. We stock his products with an immense degree of pride, and continue to enjoy working with him for hopefully many years to come. 

The next Tailfins release, cut from BA 747 G-CIVE, is due to hit our store page on Saturday 20th February at 7pm. Be quick, only 200 keychains from this iconic airliner are available.

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