TAPping Into The Market

TAPping Into The Market

Disclaimer: Not all tags featured are currently available for purchase

In November 2020, we were positively treated by Aviationtag to an absolutely outrageous new addition. It came in the form of a retired TAP Air Portugal Airbus A330-200, CS-TOE. There was little to no evidence that would have led anybody to know it was going to be an A330 tag. 

The release saw 3 coloured tags available - light red, light green and dark green. Bi-colour tags, as well as an extremely limited amount of whole dark red and whole white tags were available via raffle. 

The tags were an instant success, particularly the lighter green and the light red, and are considered some of the best tags made to date. The engraving is crisp, the tags are all of a good chunky thickness, but the real joy about the CS-TOE tags are the colours themselves. 

The tags were cut from a portion of the TAP logo. The light red glimmers in the light, much like the Air Canada C-FCAG or the Etihad A6-EID tags do. The light green is incredibly vibrant, so vibrant in fact I often refer to it as lime green. 

So popular was the release of CS-TOE, Aviationtag treated us to another TAP A330 almost instantly. This came in the form of CS-TOI. There was a slight difference with CS-TOI in that it also featured an all white tag, which we were yet to have as part of a general population sale. 

The rise in A330 tags has not gone unnoticed. For a long time, the only A330 tags available were that of a Windrose aircraft, UR-WRQ. Personally, I’m very glad to see more Airbus wide bodies in the range which up until now has been swamped with A330s. 

Whilst the CS-TOE tags have more or less sold out now, you can still get yourself a piece of CS-TOI on our store page. 

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