The Tailfins Range

The Tailfins Range

Last week we introduced you to Tailfins, and the day after, released Edition 5 - 200 keychains cut from what was British Airways’ Boeing 747-400, G-CIVE. This week we thought we’d get you all up to speed on Tailfins’ previous releases.

August 2020 - Edition 1 came in the form of British Airways Boeing 747, G-CIVG. Victor Golf was withdrawn and arrived at St. Athan in November 2019, after nearly 25 years of revenue earning service, having spent its entire life with British Airways. Only 25 tags were cut from this aircraft, and the edition sold out in only three and a half hours.

October 2020 - Edition 2 was another BA 747, this time the honour fell to G-CIVM. This batch watch considerably larger, consisting of 190 tags, available in a variety of colours and patterns. This variation was due to the different shades of reds and blues used to create the classic Union tail that British Airways have used since 1997. This was another rapid sell out, being available for only 24 hours.

November 2020 - Edition 3 diverged away from Boeing 747s, however stuck with a Boeing and British Airways theme. This time round, the aircraft in question was a Boeing 777-200 G-ZZZC. This unusual style of registration was chosen to represent the numbers 777. Zulu Charlie has quite the pedigree. It was the first of the type to be delivered to British Airways, and the sixth 777 to be delivered in the world. This release was limited to 110 pieces, consisting of blue and white whole colour as well as bicolour tags.

January 2021 - Edition 4 deviated from the norm of commercial airliners, and instead, the aircraft of choice for this release was a former Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR4, ZA449. These tags feature a unique honeycomb back. Why? The honeycomb pattern is used to maintain strength of the aircraft’s skin whilst also keeping it lightweight. Limited to 80 pieces, this edition really tested the manufacturing processes used, however the end result is sublime.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you, giving you a little bit more history behind some of the Tailfins releases.

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