Fuselage Creations F4M Phantom FGR 2

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The McDonnelll Douglas F-4 Phantom II FGR.2 is a dedicated model produced for the British Royal Airforce (RAF) aimed at filling the roles of long-range strike, close air support and reconnaissance aircraft. The type also known as F-4M was equipped with two Rolls-Royce spey 202/204s engines, as well as being fitted with significant amounts of British technology. to boost the British Aerospace industry.

With the first flight of FGR.2 commencing in 1967, our aircraft, the XT907 was delivered to the RAF in 1969. Originally serving the No.228 Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Coningsby. training new crews on the type. '907' spent much of her RAF career in the trainer role, later being relocated to RAF Wattisham with 56 squadron (Firebirds). where she was coded 'W'

The final years, this phantom spent with No.74 Squadron (Tiger) and was finally retired in 1993 to be used as ground instructional asset at Chattenden, Defence Ordnance Disposal School.

In 2014, '907' together with several other Phantoms was moved to RAF Bentwaters, where she was slowly dismantled with the cockpit and fin being sold to private buyers.

Fuselage Creations team was able to purchase '907' horizontal stabiliser in October of 2021 with the aim of preserving and commemorating the history of the F-4 Phantom service with the Royal Air Force.