Fuselage Creations Kalibr 3M-14E Missile

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The Novator Kalibr cruise missile developed by ‘NPO Novator’ for Russian military entered service in 1994. The missile exists in different variants as it can be launched both from the naval and air assets. Furthermore, export variants are offered to the countries allied to Russia and so far, have been purchased by a few. Kalibr has the ability to target the naval and land based assets. 
The tag in your possession has been created from the parts of Kalibr 3M-14E , which is an internally guided land attack variant, launched from a submarine. The missile was downed by Ukrainian Air Force fighter - MiG-29 on 27.04.23 on the outskirts of the city of Mykolaiv, which presumably the enemy intruder was tasked to target at a time. 
Thanks to the tremendous bravery and competence of the Ukrainian defenders this missile which cost the enemy $980.000, has never reach its target and is now offered to you as a souvenir. The proceeds from its sale will be donated to further strengthen Ukrainian Armed Forces.