Fuselage Creations Mil Mi-28N Night Hunter

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There are 4 variations of the Mi Mi-28N available: 

£150 - Green, Grey and Blue
£200 - Titanium, Rivets and Reds
£300 - Bi Colors
£500 - Unique tri Colors and patterns

Google (Android 12L) Proudly crafted in Ukraine. The proceeds of these tags are going toward vehicles and supplies for Ukraine.

The Mil Mi-28N "Night Hunter" (NATO reporting name - Havoc) is a Russian all-weather, day-night, two seat, gunship attack helicopter. The roots of the 'Havoc' go back to 1978, when the first designs of the helicopter were drafted in the Moscow Helicopter Plant. The first prototype conducted its maiden flight in the fall of 1982. Only after 27 years, on October 15th, 2009, the Russians finally accepted the helicopter for combat duty with formal MoD approval granted in 2013.

The keychain in your possession was crafted from Mi-28N with the military identification '70 Red' belonging to the 549th Army Air Force Base of the Russian Air Force.

Being the pride of the Russian Air Force, the aircraft took part in various airshows and military exercises, displaying full capacity and technological advancement of the Russian industry. During the 2022 brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine, '70 Red' was actively deployed to attack various targets in Ukraine. However, this pride and glory of the Russian Air Force met its destined fate on the 6th of May near a small village of Bobrivka in Ukraine. The helicopter was shot down by the Ukrainian military rocket, showing beyond doubt how the uninvited guests would be dealt with on the Ukrainian soil.

Estimated Shipping Date: 10th August 2022.
Color and tag will be picked at random based on options selected. The pictures are for refereence only.