Fuselage Creations SU-34 RF-81852

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Created from the downed SU-34 by the Ukrainian forces. Fuselage Creations got there hand on the fuselage and created a limited 1034 baggage tags.

The SU-34 is a Soviet era, supersonic fighter-bomber/strike aircraft. Having become the pride of the Russian military aviation, it is capable of conducting missions in all-weather conditions and is considered to be a ‘4++’ generation medium range strike aircraft.

Even though the SU-34 took to the skies some 32 years ago, the aircraft lacks in production numbers in comparison to the Soviet counter parts that it was supposed to replace. The SU-34 received its major media debut coverage in the recent russian bloodshed in Syria, where the aircrafts bombed Syrian cities scot-free.

The SU34 you're purchasing belonged to the ’09 Red’ registered as RF-81852. The aircraft entered service in 2018 with the 2nd Mixed Aviation Regiment of the 21st Air Division, which is still based at the Shagol airfield in the Chelyabinsk region. The regiment was temporarily based at the Seshcha airbase in the Bryansk Region. 

Based on the information given to the Fuselage Creation team, The ’09 Red’  was largely involved in the Syrian offensive & took part in at least 24 missions there , which resulted in the amount of the acquired stars, located on the outer skin of the engine intake.  However, when the russian invaders sent this SU-34 to Ukraine, the Ukrainian Air Force prevented it from roaming freely through our skies.  It is unclear when and where the ’09 Red’ made its untimely landing, but the aircraft was found in the graveyard of the destroyed russian military equipment in the liberated Ukrainian city of Liman, Donetsk Region in October 2022.

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