Fuselage Creations SU35s MSN 07614

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The SU35 is the latest in the Fuselage Creations range that was found in Ukraine and the money from the sale of products is going back to Fuselage Creations who are purchasing cars and vital supplies for the Ukrainian forces. 

The beginning of this story take routes in the fall of 2022, when Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted a successful counter offensive in southern Ukraine which de-occupied part of Kherson region and the city itself which is saturated on the left back of Dnipro river.
With the liberation of the region, many losses of the Russian occupied forces have been discovered, one such is the pride of Russian Air Force.
The story of this Flanker has its own mystery, the actual identity of the aircraft. The aim of this article is to combine all the evidence and facts that evaluated when hunting for the identity of this Flanker.
We begin the search with a firm identification of the manufacturers serial number, the MSN:07614.

Using the Russian sources, we quickly established that the serial number falls in the batch which was destined to be built and delivered as part of the Russian MoD contract for 2020. A total of 10 frames were delivered that year, and their MSN’s were 07-13 to 07-20, 08-01 and 08-02. However, this information is from internet forum sources and given the secrecy of the subject, this is the best lead of what we began investigating.
There are a few articles dated in 2020 about transfer of the Flanker-E to Russian Air Force. Four jets have been delivered in February of 2020 to the aerobatic team ‘Russian Knights’. Their MSN’s however, were 07104, 07105, 07206 and 07410, all wearing the unique livery of the aerobatic team – we can safely eliminate those.

Another known delivery was 07816 (RF-95612, 11 Red) seen in Lipetsk, 4th Centre for Combat Employment and Retraining of Air Force Personnel – eliminating this training airframe. However, additionally it was established that two more airframes were delivered to Lipetsk, the RF-95910 (10 Red) and RF-95911 (08 Red). Yet, we managed to eliminate the 10 Red, as the aircraft appears in videos from Russia after the downing of the aircraft in our possession.

The next lead took us to the 23rd Interceptor Aviation Regiment (IAP) based in Dzemgi, located in Komsomolsk-na-Amure (same city as the aircraft in question is being built) which took delivery of three frames that year. RF-95242, military identification 03 Red, next one being RF-95909 (07 Red) the other one is RF-95915 (35 Red).
Based on this information, the list of potential bearers of the MSN 07614 are:
RF-95242, 03 Red, 23rd IAP
RF-95909, 07 Red, 23rd IAP
RF-95915, 35 Red, 23rd IAP
RF-95911, 08 Red, 4 TSBP
All these candidates were the bearers of the correct livery to the one found at wreckage site. Yet, the above list is not complete, and there could be more variants based on currently unknown identification’s. To summarize, an interesting discovery came to light from the Russian propaganda, the pilot which ejected, served at Lipetsk training center. However, we are leaning toward ‘909’ of the 23rd IAP, which was factory fitted with the pylons for electronic counter measure pod’s, which were found on the wings of our aircraft.
All facts considered, we hope you enjoyed the read about the work which was conducted to establish the potential candidates which would identify this Flanker and we hope that one day we will establish the registration of this aircraft and factually close this finding.

Product will be sent complete on a backing card and color will be picked at random. More imagery will be added once the images are available.