About Us

How Part of a Plane got started?

Parts of a Plane owner, Luke Franklin has a passion for aviation, and when he saw an opportunity to own a genuine piece of a Airbus A380 he jumped at the opportunity! Having a love for collecting the AviationTag products he decided to start selling the products and created AV Tags to allow people to purchase a real piece of aviation history. AV Tags then rebranded to Part of a Plane to expand its collection.

What are Tailfins?

Tailfins are crafted using actual aircraft fuselage cuts that are no longer flying and have been saved from disappearing forever. These authentic and original pieces vary in colour, shape, finish and thickness. They are not altered or surface polished which leaves them as a true, accurate piece of aviation history. They are hand crafted, meaning each one is unique with certain subtle differences. They bear the limited edition number and reference to the aircraft, which could be the registration or serial number.

What are Aviation Tags?

AviationTag has been using original aircraft parts from former commercial aircraft since 2006 to create a sophisticated and unique design and collector's items. In 2015 they had the idea to make the world a little better by upcycling scrap aircraft.

The aviation tags consist of 100% original and authentic aircraft skin. The origin of the material is completely traceable until the original delivery of the aircraft. They're made in Germany and for the most part are handcrafted in Aviationtags small factory in Cologne.

Limited Edition and unique

Aviationtags and Tailfins have a limited edition number and along with its aircraft, registration creates a completely unique tag. Depending on the aircraft each tag differs in its feel, thickness of the material, and colour. Minor scratches, flaking of the paintwork, and bumps are completely normal and what makes each tag so special.